Costa Rica Hospital Brings Community Together with Outdoor Common Area

Costa Rica Hospital Brings Community Together with Outdoor Common Area

San Jose, Costa Rica — Public hospitals in Costa Rica cater to various patient needs and often welcome the public to enjoy their outdoor spaces. The Calderón Guardia Hospital in San José is no exception. The Costa Rica hospital has seen a recent expansion to allow for more beds during the COVID-19 pandemic and wanted to continue that expansion in the form of a common outdoor area using SYNLawn synthetic grass.


Collaborating on Expert Design

Costa Rican Governmental projects are supervised by an organization that reviews products, pricing, and evaluates the facility’s needs. The committee collaborates with the designers throughout installations and is selective on who they choose to complete projects. Ultimately, the product warranty and communication with Alejandro Duque from SYNLawn Costa Rica won the group over.

The committee overseeing the project presented the need for continued networking and patience for the installation team on this government-funded project. The Calderón Guardia Hospital landscaping project is a direct result of over two years of a combined effort with the government of Costa Rica.

Designing a Sustainable Common Area with SYNLawn

Public hospitals in Costa Rica are committed to sustainability, which played a factor in Calderón Guardia Hospital’s choosing SYNLawn to design the space. The selection of SYNPro 60, with its soy-based backing, in the hospital outdoor common area introduces a natural look and contributes to that sustainability.

The 3,000 square feet of turf area also reduces landscaping maintenance and outperforms the native grass that grows in the area, which tends to look shaggy in the winter and burns quickly during hot summer months. SYNPro 60 also has a natural appearance that mirrors the surrounding local grass’s thickness at an economical cost.

image of SYNLawn artificial grass at Costa Rica Hospital Calderón Guardia

Creating a Relaxing Space for Patients and the Public

Alejandro Duque and the SYNLawn Costa Rica team were tasked with creating a relaxing space with multiple common areas for patients and the public. Patients of the Costa Rica hospital, along with their families and friends, now have a safe, clean outdoor space to enjoy for years to come.