Iconic Bellagio Casino Works Towards Water Conservation

Iconic Bellagio Casino Works Towards Water Conservation

Las Vegas, NV — The iconic Las Vegas Bellagio Resort and Casino recently took steps towards water conservation with a massive synthetic grass installation. With the help of BrightView Commercial Landscaping, SYNLawn Southern Nevada completed the project at the casino. Ken Jackson of SYNLawn Southern Nevada and Jessica Naylor with BrightView worked closely together to bring the project to life.

The Bellagio Resort and Casino is home to 4,000 rooms and spans 77 acres. The MGM-owned resort holds high standards for its ambiance due to its popularity. SYNLawn completed five high-profile sections of the resort, including the fountain, grand entry, and porte-cochere. The final installation resulted in 15,000 square feet of made-to-order turf installed.

Conserving Water with Artificial Grass

The Southern Nevada Water Authority played a huge role as new rulings to conserve water are driving large properties to replace natural grass with artificial grass. The Bellagio was drawn to SYNLawn due to its lush, natural look and feel. Designers wanted to compliment the landmark building with a more aesthetic turf option.

Since Nevada is under a declared water shortage, water conservation is required for residential and commercial properties. Seasonal watering restrictions and laws have made maintaining natural grass challenging. Nevada is notorious for its desert climate. Las Vegas has long been a tourist destination in the state, so commercial buildings are challenged to create an appealing outdoor space without natural grass. The Bellagio Casino and Resort is a top destination in the city. In order to follow the water conservation guidelines, owners turned to premium synthetic grass for its multiple outdoor spaces. This installation means that the Bellagio will now be ahead of watering restrictions and reduce irrigation costs.

Collaborating on Expert Design

SYNLawn’s partnership with BrightView Commercial Landscaping opened the door to this expertly designed installation. Founded in 1939, BrightView has become the leader in the industry. Their dependable landscape lifecycle aims to educate customers about the entire landscaping process. BrightView prides itself on four pillars of landscaping. These are design, development, maintenance, and enhancement. Through our partnership with BrightView, SYNLawn is positioned to expertly aid that process for clients.

BrightView also holds itself to the same standards as SYNLawn. Both companies hold a positive ESG rating, focusing on environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and corporate governance. This rating means that both SYNLawn and BrightView are committed to maintaining environmentally friendly practices, investing in their culture, and developing a positive work-life balance.

The Bellagio Casino and Resort could not be happier with the finished product. Tourists and travelers now have multiple outdoor spaces to enjoy. These lush, natural-looking areas are sustainable and help to further the resort’s water conservation initiative. SYNLawn’s synthetic grass product is sure to benefit the community for years to come.