Luxury Apartment Community Creates Pet-Friendly Outdoor Spaces with Premium Pet Turf

Luxury Apartment Community Creates Pet-Friendly Outdoor Spaces with Premium Pet Turf

Kansas City, MO — The Element, an upscale and pet-friendly apartment community in North Kansas City, understands the importance of offering residents amenities that enhance their outdoor living experience. SYNLawn Kansas City was selected to install premium pet turf to enhance all of the outdoor spaces for the community’s canine residents and their owners.

Creating a Luxurious Pet-Friendly Outdoor Spaces for Pets and People

The Element’s property management group wanted to replace the natural grass in all of the outdoor areas of the community with low-maintenance faux grass to create private, luxurious outdoor oases for its residents to enjoy year-round without the hassle of watering or mowing.

SYNLawn Kansas City worked closely with Westland Landscaping to build the community dog park and replace the natural grass in the fenced-in yards of all of its 45 ground-level units with artificial turf. The following premium pet products from SYNLawn were used to create these pet-friendly spaces:

  • Approximately 2,250 square feet of Pet Platinum is the best choice for a pet-friendly residential complex since it’s designed for pets of all sizes and provides ultra-durable construction to keep the turf looking pristine every season. Pet Platinum has maximum drainage built-in, so cleanup is easy.
  • Approximately 7,100 square feet of SYNPro, one of the most popular turf options due to its realistic look and feel. It offers superior resiliency and support that will withstand heavy foot traffic from residents. It’s also made with SYNLawn’s exclusive plant-based EnviroLoc+™ Backing System that optimizes drainage for easy cleanup.

image of SYNLawn artificial grass installed at the Elements Apartments Kansas City

There are many benefits to switching from real grass to a pet-friendly alternative, like artificial grass. Neither the community maintenance staff nor residents will ever have to worry about pets getting dirty from muddy yards or picking up fleas and ticks as they risk with natural grass. Even unsightly brown spots won’t develop from urine or other dog waste. All of the Pet-Friendly Outdoor Spaces will also be cleaner and safer for residents since Pet Platinum is made with Super Yarn™ technology, which contains an additive called Sanitized that eliminates bacterial odors and prevents microbial growth for added hygiene protection. It’s also a cost-saving option since the maintenance team won’t need to waste precious water or lawnmower gas for upkeep.

Additional products used for these installations included Envirofill 12-20 infill and approximately 2,250 linear feet of Pet Security Nailer.

SYNLawn Kansas City is proud to help make Kansas City a more pet-friendly city with all of the custom pet projects their team has worked on. They greatly enjoyed creating lush outdoor spaces for all of The Element’s pet residents and their people to enjoy together while playing, socializing, exercising, and relaxing.

Choose SYNLawn for Your Pet-Friendly Outdoor Spaces

Let us help you enhance your commercial or residential project using our premium pet turf products. Reach out to your nearest SYNLawn distributor to learn more about the benefits of using the safest and cleanest pet grass on the market.