Recreational Amenities Enhance Albuquerque Apartment Complexes

Recreational Amenities Enhance Albuquerque Apartment Complexes

Albuquerque, NM — According to the National Recreation and Park Association, 77% percent of Americans consider high-quality park and recreational amenities as important factors when looking for a place to live. GreenWater Investments & Real Estate Management understands the importance of providing tenants with modern amenities, lush landscaping and unique community features, which also helps attract new residents. They hired Churchich Recreation, a supplier and manufacturer of recreational equipment, and SYNLawn New Mexico to transform three of their Albuquerque apartment complexes by designing and landscaping new outdoor recreation amenities in areas that would also enhance the aesthetic appeal of the communities.


Designing Outdoor Spaces for People and Pets

Churchich Recreation had experience working with another SYNLawn distributor in Colorado and using SYNLawn’s first-rate turf products, so it was an easy decision on who they would collaborate with for the Albuquerque projects. With their vast combined experience working on recreation amenities and installations, the expert teams at Churchich Recreation and SYNLawn New Mexico designed unique play and dog park spaces for the apartment complexes that would provide recreational outlets for tenants.

Both teams were aware that the landscape in these areas of the city was mostly dirt and rock and residents did not have easy or quick access to park areas, so it was important to provide residents at each residential complex with visually alluring and drought-resistant landscape using the safest and cleanest artificial grass on the market.


Installing Custom Recreational Amenities for Each Complex

At the first complex, they installed a custom play area using 11,253 square feet of SYNLawn Play Platinum, which is the safest artificial grass surface for children with its Super Yarn™ technology that provides heat reflective, anti-static, Sanitized® and non-abrasive grass blades. They also used 466 linear feet of composite edger and 5,100 square feet of 2-inch fall pad to provide enhanced protection for children.

They installed both a play area and dog park for two-legged and four-legged alike to enjoy at the second apartment complex. This installation featured 10,575 square feet of Play Platinum for the playground and SYNLawn’s top-selling Pet Platinum for the dog park. Pet Platinum is designed for pets of all shapes and sizes and offers maximum drainage built-in, so cleanup of the pet space is easy. Plus, Pet Platinum is made with Super Yarn™ technology, so it contains an additive called Sanitized that eliminates bacterial odors and prevents microbial growth. This installation also included 437 linear feet of composite edger, 4,875 square feet of envirofill and 5,000 square feet of 2-inch fall pad for the play space.

The third apartment complex installation was another playground that featured 5,500 square feet of Play Platinum, 310 linear feet of composite edger and 5,500 square feet of 2-inch fall pad.
The high quality and durability of the artificial turf products used to create the recreational areas for all three apartment complexes ensures that tenants have easy access to safe, clean and aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces to enjoy with their children and pets.

Partner with SYNLawn on Your Next Installation

If you’re looking to create a beautiful and one-of-a-kind outdoor space for a client, choose SYNLawn. Each independently owned and operated distributor across the country has the expertise to determine what is needed to make your project a success.