San Antonio School now with a mud-free playground

San Antonio School now with a mud-free playground

Fort Sam Houston Elementary Creates a Cleaner Park with SYNLawn Synthetic Turf

San Antonio, TX — Fort Sam Houston Elementary School’s children received a much-needed improvement to its new outdoor play area made thanks to SYNLawn Texas. The children gained an attractive, hygienic, and mud-free zone to play through the installation of artificial grass.

The site originally contained a school bus that was converted into a playhouse. The kids loved it, but it was parked in an open area that always became muddy after a storm. It lacked a lush, green lawn, which resulted in muddy conditions while entering and exiting the play bus. This popular hangout became a mud zone.

Concerns About Mud Lead to Synthetic Solution

One of the school teachers expressed concerns about the mud and asked if there could be a solution to the problem. This eventually led to SYNLawn’s intervention because it was clear that an open area with just dirt is a hot spot for mud. Growing a new lawn would be difficult since the area experienced high foot traffic. The school needed an immediate solution that provided solid turf.

Unlike natural grass that can develop weeds, erode, or harbor mud, synthetic turf has a dense polyethylene thatch that makes it more resilient and supportive than natural grass. Best of all — the school doesn’t need to spend money on lawn care for this area as it looks the same all year.

A One of a Kind Project

SYNLawn’s installation team measured the open space that led up the tires of the bus. To ensure there were no gaps to allow mud to track in, the team planned a 45’x20′ space to insert artificial turf.

The installation team used approximately 900 sqft of SYNTipede 321, which is known for its extreme durability, especially in high-traffic areas. Its patented Super Yarn™ technology creates a durable lawn surface that can handle kids’ and pets’ active play. It is also ASTM E108 Class A Fire-Rated, which gives parents and teachers peace of mind about safety. The project had a quick turnaround because it was a smooth, easy installation.

The grass blades rise to a medium height and have an incredibly natural look, making this product a popular selection for playgrounds. It’s also made of an eco-friendly soybean-based EnviroLoc™ backing instead of petroleum-based products.

Now that the project is complete, kids can play mud-free without dirtying their shoes. Even if it rains before recess, the teachers can safely let their students play without worrying about asking parents to send a new outfit to school.