SYNPour Pour in Place playground surface enhances Yellowstone Hotel

SYNPour Pour in Place playground surface enhances Yellowstone Hotel

Complementing the Amazing Views of the Wilson Hotel in Big Sky, Montana with SYNLawn Pour in Place

Big Sky is one of Montana’s most popular tourist destinations, drawing thousands of visitors a year that includes plenty of celebrities. The Yellowstone Hotel known as “The Wilson” by Residence Inn/Marriott offers some of the most scenic views in the area. Now the hotel’s newly installed playground features a vibrant ‘rainbow blue’ color using SYNLawn’s SYNPour™ Pour in Place (PIP) play surfacing. SYNLawn Montana was chosen to install 1,300 square feet of PIP material around the playground to provide a safe and cushioned surface in areas where children may trip or fall during play. Kids can play longer and harder without increased risk of injury due to the installation of 3 inches of super-soft cushioning base material topped by a layer of beautiful blue EPDM rubber.

Impressive Results From SYNPour PIP

Chosen to handle the installation of the Yellowstone Hotel playground was SYNLawn Montana after a great experience with them and the architects on a private lawn installation in the past. With such great results from the SYNLawn Montana team on the landscape installation, it was a natural choice to turn to the company for the hotel’s new Pour in Place playground surface when finishing touches were needed in early June 2019.

PIP products from SYNLawn combine durable and cushioning EDPM buffings with brightly colored options and durable adhesive products that cure under natural outdoor conditions. The buffings are chunks of rubbery EPDM material that act as a cushion while draining rapidly and remaining easy to clean. The Big Sky Playground called for a 3-inch depth of material, which required a few days to cure. Proper fencing is always necessary during these installations to keep eager visitors from walking over the freshly poured PIP material before it gets a chance to cure. SYNPour PIP in Rainbow Blue was chosen to contrast against the green turf and match the bold sky views for a playground that is as beautiful as it is safe and functional. It has a 9-foot IPEMA Certified HIC Rating, ensuring that kids are cushioned even if they tumble from the top of the highest equipment on the playground.

Tricky Conditions in a Beautiful Location

While the Big Sky playground may offer unparalleled views and state-of-the-art playground equipment, it also posed a few challenges for the SYNLawn Montana installers. The 12,000-foot elevation affected the curing speed and increased fatigue for the installers due to slightly reduced oxygen levels. Weather conditions like rain and cloud cover also slowed curing times. Despite these challenges, the playground installation at the Yellowstone Hotel was successful and should lead to many more municipal contracts for SYNLawn distributors across the country. SYNLawn Corporate is proud to recognize everyone involved in the Big Sky Playground project.