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USDA Bio-Preferred Artificial Grass and Certified Turf Installation Systems

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) was founded in 1862 by Abraham Lincoln, and today is the federal agency which proposes programs and implements policies and regulations related to American farming, forestry, ranching, food quality, and nutrition. The agency has granted SYNLawn the esteemed designation of being a Bio-Preferred provider of Certified Biobased artificial grass products and installation systems.

As part of SYNLawn’s leadership role as the World’s safest, cleanest and ‘greenest’ turf manufacturer the company has taken measurable steps to reduce their overall carbon footprint by developing innovative ways to use renewable resources. One of the major components in SYNLawn’s turf products is the use of sustainable Soybeans grown by U.S. Farmers to replace traditional virgin polyols in their exclusive EnviroLoc™ backing.

SYNLawn boasts the only USDA Certified variety of artificial grass plus combinations of synthetic turf with organic infill systems able to display a unique USDA label highlighting its percentage of biobased content including:

USDA Certified Artificial Grass & Organic Infill Systems

SYNAugstine 547 is a USDA Certified Biobased Product

The first synthetic grass certified by the USDA

Nothing speaks to our dedication to sustainability more than this fact: We were the first company to receive the USDA’s artificial turf system rating, with bio-based content of more than 70%. Using a combination of sugarcane in the turf fibers and soy in the backing was a major advancement over petroleum-based products. Homeowners, architects and designers can feel confident they’re making environmentally sound choices when selecting artificial turf products from SYNLawn.

Supporting American farmers and the planet

If you turn a piece of our turf over, you’ll see that our product is backed up by a lot of good thinking. Our exclusive EnviroLoc™ backing locks the blades in place and produces long-term durability that’s higher than industry standards. But what’s even more important is what it’s made from. Since 2008, we’ve used soybeans and sugarcane to create our EnviroLoc™ backing, replacing up to 60% of petroleum-based materials. Besides using a naturally grown, sustainable material to help reduce carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, we’re proud to support American farms by using their soybeans.

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image of harvested soybeans

A healthier planet starts at ground level

We can say this confidently: There is no other synthetic grass company that does more and invests more into creating products that respect and protect the earth. We’re here to create beautiful spaces and beautiful places. And we’r here to make sure they have a beautiful future.

There has never been a Synthetic Grass this Green

We help save a lot more than water. As the largest manufacturer of synthetic grass on the planet, we feel it’s our duty to help take care of the planet. That’s why we’ve worked so hard to make SYNLawn synthetic grass the safest, cleanest, greenest, most environmentally sustainable grass on earth. And it’s also why we control every phase of the process, from step one to when you finally step on our grass.

We’re proud of how our product looks. And we’re equally proud of all the work, thinking and research that goes into every blade of grass.

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SYNLawn & U.S. Soy — A Winning Combination

Building with U.S. Soy – Landscaping with SYNLawn

  Bio Facts

  • More than ten million square feet of EnviroLoc™ backing is produced by SYNLawn each year.
  • We’ve increased the soy content in our turf systems by an additional 10%
  • USDA BioPreferred products use bio-based materials to reduce the nation’s reliance on petroleum products and to promote the use of renewable resources.
  • We’ve worked closely with the USDA since 2017, expanding our commitment every year.
  • We are eager to partner with other companies that have USDA ratings to make our installations responsible and renewable.
  • Our products have Zero (0) PFAS and this has been verified with rigorous testing.
  • We offer more fire-rated products than any other artificial turf company.
  • Our high percentage of renewable components makes for an even better reason to recycle our turf.
  • Over 1/3 of residential water is used for outdoor irrigation. Using SYNLawn dramatically reduces water use and ever-increasing water bills.

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