SYNLawn and AstroTurf remember 9/11

SYNLawn and AstroTurf remember 9/11

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September 09th, 2011

Dalton, GA — Sunday, September 11, marks the 10th anniversary of the greatest tragedy in the history of America.

On that fateful day, thousands of men and women lost their lives. Our lives were forever changed and none of us will ever forget where we were on that day.

Chuck Margiotta


In the spirit of honoring those who died and those heroes who willingly gave their lives, SYNLawn and AstroTurf, the two leading companies in the synthetic grass and playing field industries, ask everyone to remember and to pay tribute in their own way, to our fellow Americans who are no longer with us, as well as offer thanks that we still live in the greatest country in the world.

“This should be a day of reflection for all of us,” said Bryan Peeples, President of AstroTurf. “It’s important that we never forget and that we always cherish the memories of those we lost.”

The events of September 11th, 2001 brought us all together in a way no other event ever has. SYNLawn and AstroTurf follow a mission of bringing people together through sport, play, and leisure. Based on that mission and the events of that tragic day, we honor one special fallen hero…..Chuck Margiotta.

There is always one kid who is the last to be picked when it comes to athletic contests. Inevitably, when Chuck Margiotta was the captain, he would make that kid his first choice.

“Chuck was always a champion of the underdog,” said his brother Mike.

Chuck Margiotta


It was that spirit that led Chuck Margiotta to make a fateful decision. Chuck, a 20-year veteran of the NYFD serving with Battalion 22, had volunteered to fill a shift for a fellow firefighter in Brooklyn. Following the shift, Chuck was on his way home to Staten Island early on the morning of September 11, 2001.

He learned of the attacks on the World Trade Center on his car radio and turned around and headed for the nearest fire station. He caught a ride with Rescue 5 near the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge and went into the devastation to help. Chuck made a last call to his mother, Molly, and said, “Ma, it’s bad.”

Chuck, along with another 342 firefighters, lost his life that day. None of the 11 men on board the truck with Chuck that day ever returned home.

In April this year, a new AstroTurf® field at Prall Playground and IS 27 was dedicated in his name. His brother Mike is a teacher at the school.

Although Margiotta has been honored many times over the past decade, naming a field after him is a fitting tribute.

“That’s where I want his name,” said his father, Chuck, Sr. “It’s an honor for our family and for Chuck to be associated with anything like this that is for the kids.”

Chuck Margiotta and kids


Mike found out two years ago that city planners were planning to renovate the field and got involved with the project on an almost daily basis. The decision was made to name the field in honor of Chuck.

“This is the perfect place,” said Mike. “He was a tremendous athlete, a great coach, and a great educator. As a brother, I couldn’t be more proud.”

Chuck was a star athlete at Monsignor Farrell and went on to play football at Brown University, where they won the Ivy League Championship in 1976. In addition to a 20-year career as a firefighter, Chuck was a 20-year substitute teacher, a private investigator, and had small roles in movies such as Frequency and Hannibal.

Margiotta also served as the director of basketball for St. Rita’s parish and coached any number of sports from basketball to softball to soccer. Despite the gruff voice and burly physique, everyone took to Chuck. One friend said he was the nicest tough guy ever.

Now, a new generation of young athletes and sports enthusiasts will be able to play on the new field and will always be reminded of Chuck Margiotta’s sacrifice when they are at Lieutenant Charles Margiotta Field.

“Chuck believed it was his obligation to life, to fill it up,” said lifelong friend Steve Gallira.

“Chuck was but one of thousands who died on that tragic day,” said Peeples. “But he is emblematic of the fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, friends, and loved ones we lost in the tragedy. We at AstroTurf will always remember those who died.”

Because of the new AstroTurf at Lieutenant Charles Margiotta Field, hundreds of people will be able to fill their lives with the joy of competition. And you can bet that Chuck Margiotta will be looking down, rooting for the underdog.

As you spend this weekend attending games or watching on television, think about Chuck and the others who died on 9-11 and let their memories bring us all together in a special way.