SYNLawn Golf with Dave Pelz

SYNLawn Golf with Dave Pelz

SYNLawn Golf presents:
March 16th, 2015

“Hi, I’m Dave Pelz”

“I get asked in my schools all the time ‘How do I improve my game? How can I shoot lower scores?’ my answer is always the same. It’s your short game. It’s the game inside 125 yards, that’s where you lose 80 percent of your shots to par, that is where your handicap comes from.”

“I want to show you what I do in my own home, what I recommend for my students.”

“Get something in your backyard where you can practice. Where you can improve your short game.”

“I went to a company called SYNLawn.”

“We wanted to make backyard golf products that would help golfers when they got on the golf course. So that when I learn in my backyard to hit a nice flop shot or a chip shot or a putt, I want that learning to go with me to the golf course.”

“We have done five years of research to develop golf-specific products.”

“We’ve got real golf performance that we can put in your backyard.”

SYNLawn offers a wide variety of products to fit every golfer’s skill level, budget, and available space.

Their most popular is the world-class custom putting surfaces. These custom green look and respond like real golf turf with consistent ball-roll and natural slow-down characteristics.

You can also add Fairway, Rough and Fringe surfaces to create the ultimate backyard golf experience.

With SYNLawn’s 100% Nylon fibers you’ll have a natural appearance that stays green all year long.

SYNLawn’s GreensMaster Certified can create the perfect practice area for your backyard.

The ShotStopper putting green is SYNLawn Golf’s premier offering. It’s the most realistic performing green available. It’s specifically crafted to disperse and absorb the ball energy like real turf.

The Dave Pelz Greenmaker is a unique putting surface that can easily be assembled in 20 minutes. it has a proprietary core that offers strength, flexibility, and a realistic feel. It features SYNLawn’s best-putting surface. It can be used on virtually any flat surface and is available in a variety of sizes.

SYNLawn’s 4×4 practice mat and the professionally installed Tee Strike are both incredibly durable. The Tee Strike even offers a 1″ thick practice surface that enables you to use real golf tees and lets you make a complete swing without grabbing the clubhead.

For limited spaces, SYNLawn offers portable golf greens. These can be used on any flat surface inside or out. They’re UV Stabilized to withstand the sun and have a non-skid backing to stay in place.

Every SYNLawn product offers a low-maintenance solution that never needs watering, stays green year-round, and is always cut to the perfect height.

“Now I’m here to tell you, I’m staking my reputation on it. If you practice in your backyard, then you take it to the golf course, it will work and you can shoot lower scores.” – Dave Pelz