SYNLawn selected at annual Indy Parks Fundraiser

SYNLawn selected at annual Indy Parks Fundraiser

Beginning in June, nearly 6 million California residents are faced with new water restrictions amid the state’s worst drought in recorded history. During this uncertain time, artificial turf is a viable replacement for natural grass.
July 13th, 2020

SYNLawn Indiana Brings the Turf to the IPL Mayor’s Lunch for Indy Parks

Indianapolis, IN — Each year the Indianapolis Parks Foundation hosts the Mayor’s Lunch to raise money to pay for upgrades and maintenance at the city’s many Indy Parks. It’s the area’s premier event for fundraising and park support. SYNLawn Indiana was proud to participate in this event by installing artificial turf centerpieces on each table. The audience of over 700 community leaders, business owners, and other local city representatives were wowed by the elegant installation of SYNAugustine X47 with Super Yarn™ artificial grass on the stage where Mayor Hogsett made his appearance and keynote speech. With such a significant impact on an important community event, SYNLawn Indiana plans to secure many more community and park projects in the years to come.

Making Community Connections at the Mayor’s Lunch for Indy Parks

After four years of premium sponsorship of the event, SYNLawn Indiana was excited to get a chance to participate in preparations as well as make Community Connections. A combination of 1,100 square feet of SYNAugustine X47, SYNLawn 347, Precision Putt, and SYNRye 200 White and Green added natural beauty to the event without the need for any watering or careful handling. With only a two-hour installation window, the team worked quickly to install everything, including a custom Dave Pelz Greenmaker™, putting green and decorative tulip tree leaves along the walkways. The strong relationship between Mayor Hogsett and the SYNLawn Indiana team made it an excellent way for the local business to support the community.

Reusing Artificial Turf From the Event

Since the Mayor’s Lunch was just a one-day event on March 6th, SYNLawn Indiana wanted to find a way to reuse the custom-cut artificial turf for other installations. Some of the artificial grass used at the Mayor’s Lunch for Parks will be repurposed at St. Margaret’s Hospital Guild 2020 Decorators Show House in “Maggie’s Café” opening. Most of the premium SYNLawn artificial grass is durable enough to handle multiple reuses like this at various indoor and outdoor events.

SYNLawn Indiana loves opportunities to support the Indy Parks and recreation system, so participating in the 2020 Mayor’s Lunch was a dream come true. If you’re interested in the best recreational turf available in North America, contact our team today to find the supplier nearest you.