Brown backyards being replaced with SYNLawn

Dallas, TX

October 3, 2011

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More People Putting In Synthetic Grass For Their Lawns

After Summer Heat And Drought, Brown Backyards Are Being Replaced With Artificial Grass

Posted by: Daniel Novick CW 33 News

DALLAS, TX — It has been one brutal year for North Texas lawns. Water restrictions, heat and sun combined for brown, dead grass from Weatherford to Terrell and everywhere in between.

Many North Texans have turned to artificial or synthetic grass. It’s not just for football fields anymore, but for backyards, front lawns and just about anything else you could think of.

Yarie and Greg Azar’s backyard was far from perfect when they bought their Highland Village home two years ago.

“We couldn’t really do anything out here,” said Yarie Azar.

They just couldn’t keep the grass alive.

“Especially in the drought that we’re in,” said Greg Azar.

Fed up with the situation, they took a unique approach to the problem.

“We decided to go with the artificial turf,” said Yarie Azar.

The Azars said it changed everything.

“We basically live back here now,” said Yarie Azar. “We can walk barefoot.”

“Loved it. Absolutely loved it,” said Greg Azar.

The Azars said the benefits extended way beyond ever-green grass.

“We don’t have to drag dirt into the house,” said Greg Azar. “It’s been great for my wife; she doesn’t have to clean the floors as much.”

“So the husband doesn’t have to spend time back here mowing the lawn,” said Yarie Azar.

The synthetic lawn had been so successful, Greg Azar started installing the grass at commercial properties his real estate company owned.

“It makes a lot of sense,” said Greg Azar. “I don’t spend money on cutting the grass, I don’t spend money on watering, so it’s sustainable.”

Scott with SYNLawn Dallas Fort Worth said synthetic grass was sustainable at home and at work, especially this year.

“If you look around town, most people have just thrown in the towel and given up their yards,” Scott told CW 33 News.

Scott said that meant SYNLawn DFW was seeing a huge spike in business.

“I would say we are doing 5 or 10,000 square feet a month,” said Scott.

Scott said synthetic lawns would run you $7-10 a square foot, but he said people would see the savings in their water bill and landscaping costs.

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