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No matter how you look at it, maintaining a healthy lawn costs you time and money. SYNLawn’s artificial grass for Lawn and Landscape System gives you the perfect green lawn you’ve always wanted and keeps a little green in your wallet.
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The possibilities are endless. SYNLawn artificial grass is used for residential lawns and landscapes, municipal roadway medians, urban Rooftops, world-famous theme parks, zoo’s, and destination resorts. What can you do with SYNLawn? Let your imagination be your guide.
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On average, the typical household in America uses over two-thirds of their monthly water consumption on the lawn. Water conservation has become such a major concern in this country that many city water authorities are offering tax rebates for every square foot of natural sod you replace with artificial grass

Home with pool and artificial grass lawn overlooking a valley
Backyard with artificial grass and a wooden fence

Designed for landscapes, not football fields

Wide angle photo of a large backyard with putting greens and artificial grass
Artificial grass is widely known for its use in stadium sports fields. Our sister company AstroTurf® handles field turf needs for the sports world, while SYNLawn focuses on the residential and commercial lawn and landscape applications.
A professionally installed landscape by SYNLawn is so realistic, so unbelievably natural; you won’t be able to tell it’s synthetic grass … even when you’re standing on it.
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Using our Online Project Wizard you can map out your custom area by trace around your project area with maps or using square footage. It’s easy and precise.