Miami Dog Park Makeover with SYNLawn

image of SYNLawn artificial grass at Miami Florida Blanche Dog Park

Miami, FL

July 6, 2020

Putting Miami Florida’s Blanche Dog Park Back Together With SYNLawn’s Premium Pet Turf

Miami, FL — SYNLawn’s durable and pet-safe artificial grass is the ideal surfacing solution for Miami’s popular dog park’s challenging environment. SYNLawn was selected by Miami City Commissioner Ken Russell to repair the popular Blanche Dog Park. The park was formerly covered in a competitor’s turf, which could not handle the wear and tear from dozens of playful pups visiting each day. SYNLawn’s premium SYNTipede 343 pet turf is now covering over 30,000 square feet of open play space. Now dogs of Miami and their owners can enjoy play areas that will stay like new for years to come.

Pet Turf That Can Take the Heat

Blanche Dog Park in Coconut Grove is so popular it’s been voted the city’s best dog park multiple times. Artificial turf is the ideal surface for dog parks and similar areas since the constant foot traffic and heavy wear from active pets quickly destroys live turf. Bare soil play areas lead to dirty paws, especially after rainy days. With rapid drainage and advanced durability, the artificial grass installed by the South Florida team ensures there’s always a dry and clean place. The park is cleaned weekly to ensure there are no issues with odor, and the artificial turf is easy to rinse off whenever necessary.

image of SYNLawn artificial grass at Miami Florida Dog Park
image of SYNLawn artificial grass at Miami Florida Dog Park
image of SYNLawn artificial grass at Miami Florida Dog Park

Proof of Durability

Miami city commissioner Ken Russell, responsible for contacting SYNLawn South Florida for the new installation, saw the manufacturer’s turf in real-world installations around Miami. He was impressed with both its wear resistance and realistic appearance and realized it was a better choice than the product previously installed at Blanche Park. With a quick replacement process, the park was reopened after just a few weeks of closure so that excited pets could return to their regular routines.

SYNLawn pet turf is the solution for any public or residential area designed for dogs. Choose a surface covering that’s easy to clean and safe for your pets by contacting our sales team.

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