SYNLawn receives editor’s choice award

image of artificial turf for pets by synlawn synthetic grass

Dalton, GA

December 10, 2012

SYNLawn recognized by Pet Media PR and the pet industry for advancements in synthetic grass for pets

image of synlawn artificial grass for pets dog park

Dalton, GA — For nearly half a century, Lions, Tigers, and Bears have lived on synthetic turf surfaces.

These animals, though, have been the mascots of sports teams that play on artificial turf. Now, an emerging trend among homeowners is finding domestic animals like the family dog making a home on synthetic surfaces.

SYNLawn, a Dalton, Georgia-based company, has provided a real solution to this demand and was recently recognized by Pet Media PR with the Editor’s Choice Award for products in 2012 for its synthetic pet systems, as well as its innovation in addressing the needs to dog owners.

Responding to the increase in demand for quality pet products, as well as the demand for environmentally friendly solutions, SYNLawn has reached out to pet owners around the world with their offering of pet-friendly synthetic grass products.

“We expanded our presence among pet owners by strategically aligning ourselves with the right groups” said George Neagle, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for SYNLawn. “There is still an educational process about synthetic grass among pet owners to understand the advantages it provides.”

SYNLawn produces the most advanced, pet-friendly artificial grasses that look almost as natural as real grass. The product addresses aesthetics, durability, drainage, pet health, heat, and environmental sustainability.

Color blends of yarn used provides a natural-like appearance that resembles natural grass. This allows the family dog to run and play in a yard which always looks displays the rich and lush colors which make fresh, vibrant lawn.

image of grass for pets

Pets can be a real challenge for any yard. Many pets dig and wear out grassy areas. With SYNLawn pet systems, these challenges are eliminated. The use of Omega technology in many of their grasses allows for heavier traffic and better resiliency so the performance of these products surpass other technologies in the industry when it comes to the destructive activity 2-of-3 that active dogs can create. The exclusive Pet System installation process provides specific menu options for customers, depending on the behavior and nature of dogs involved.

SYNLawn systems drain at a rate of 30 inches per hour, so there is no mud. This eliminates dirty paws in the house and keeps the family pet cleaner, particularly after bath time, when there is no place to get dirty after a nice bath.

Among the biggest challenges in owning a pet which lives full or part‐time outdoors is the proliferation of fleas and ticks. These pests have no place to live in a SYNLawn pet system, keeping the family pet safer and healthier.

Dogs are not subject to the heat typically associated with some synthetic turf systems. Heat Block Technology allows for the sun’s UV rays to deflect rather than attract the heat to keep surface temperatures cooler on dogs’ paws. Their exclusive Pet System installation process provides specific menu options depending on the behavior and nature of dogs involved.

Environmentally, SYNLawn Pet Systems offer a definitive green solution. Due to droughts and watering restrictions throughout the country, green and healthy grass is becoming harder to maintain. Maintenance requires fertilizers and chemicals that could be harmful to pets, especially when dogs are grazing on that lawn. The systems also reduce carbon emissions and fuel consumption associated with lawn equipment. The smog emissions eliminated in the past five years is equivalent to an automobile driving 1.1 million miles.

Maintenance of natural grass also requires water, which is not a need with SYNLawn Pet Systems. Over the past five years, the amount of artificial grass sold and installed by the company has conserved 4.7 billion gallons of water.

The systems also help reduce odor in the environment. The use of organic Zeolite crystals helps kill 80% of the odors caused by ammonia in pet waste.

image of artificial grass for pets by synlawn synthetic grass

SYNLawn Pet Systems are recyclable, made in the USA, and approved as an Obama bio-based product. They led the industry in using renewable resources and recycled materials in their manufacturing process. Thanks to the exclusive EnviroLoc Backing System, SYNLawn’s backing is approximately 60-70% green by weight. The EnviroLoc System is an engineered component system which contributes to environmental sustainability.

The first component is the primary backing which helps extend the product life cycle by using 10% less material that is stronger and has superior dimensional stability compared to traditional artificial grasses. Product lifespan is further extended on the face by incorporating nylon 6 in the fibers adding up to 50% longer life.

The second component is the secondary backing which incorporates EnviroLoc™ technology. EnviroLoc™ uses an environmentally-sensitive polyurethane that replaces a large portion of the petroleum-based polymers with soybean oil (renewable resources) and adds Celceram (recycled product of coal combustion) for further strength and stability. The use of the soybean technology helps reduce dependence on foreign oil and provides work for the nearly 600,000 soybean farmers in the United States.

All these factors led the recognition by Pet Media PR and have helped create a trend for the combination of synthetic grass and the family pet.

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