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Add to your Architect Library with the SYNLawn Architectural Kit containing everything you need to get started – from turf samples to sustainable infill samples. We stand behind our turf and know you’ll feel the difference. With just a little info we will ship you an Architectural Box full of our amazing products.

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Incorporate SYNLawn products into your plans quickly and easily by downloading our design files from The CADdetails program is developed specifically for design professionals with the goal of getting manufacturer-specific product information into their working plans.

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3-Part CSI

Looking for CSI Specs? Visit our listings within the “Guide Specifications” of our listings. There you’ll find Construction Specifications for installation methods including Indoor Golf Rooms, Putting Greens, Pet Turf, Play Areas, Roofdecks, and more.

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Our sales staff is available for a free lunch & learn to help inform you and your staff about the benefits of using SYNLawn artificial grass in your projects.

Earn Credits with Continuing Education Courses

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Synthetic Turf for Recreational Applications

Earns (1) ONE CEU CREDIT in the LU/HSW category. (Health, Safety, and Wellness).

Communities need accessible, versatile surfaces for play and relaxation for people of all ages and abilities. Modern landscape synthetic turf options are specifically formulated for public recreation spaces frequented by adults, children, and pets. This course reviews the health benefits of being outdoors, the history and fabrication of synthetic turf, the design considerations for various recreation applications, and synthetic turf’s performance and sustainability characteristics.

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Learning Objectives
  • Summarize how individuals benefit physically and mentally from time spent outdoors and how community wellness is affected by the implementation of green spaces.
  • Discuss the design considerations for playground, park and landscape, pet and rooftop applications and the synthetic turf systems specifically designed to meet the safety and performance requirements of each application.
  • Specify synthetic turf to address concerns associated with water consumption, stormwater runoff, and drainage, constant use, pesticide and fertilizer use, and maintenance demands and impacts.
  • Employ the functional (impact attenuation and ADA compliance) and performance (heat reflection, anti-static, anti-microbial) properties of synthetic turf to design durable, code-compliant, safe, aesthetically appealing, accessible, and sustainable spaces for outdoor activity and relaxastion.
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Creating Beautiful, Sustainable Synthetic Grass Solutions

Earns (1) ONE CEU CREDIT in the HSW category. (Health, Safety, and Wellness).

Synthetic or artificial grass bears virtually no resemblance to its early version produced over fifty years ago. The current product is much more aesthetically pleasing, safer, softer, and durable, made with environmentally friendly materials, highly customizable to suit many indoor and outdoor uses. This course details the many sustainable attributes of this material; its benefits, construction, and certifications; and numerous sample installations.

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Professionals in the construction, architectural, interior design, and engineering industries that participate in this continuing education course will earn one hour of Learning Unit (LU) / Health, Safety, and Welfare (HSW) credit. At the end of the session, participants will be able to:

  • Create beautiful sustainable solutions, including erosion control and expanded rooftop living spaces, using artificial grass.
  • Use artificial grass to address water consumption, runoff, drainage, increased foot traffic, and greenspace requirements.
  • Employ artificial grass to eliminate pesticide use and reduce lawn maintenance demands and impacts.
  • Integrate aesthetically pleasing, healthy, indoor and outdoor gathering and activity spaces in commercial, office, and public venue projects using artificial grass.
  • Specify safe artificial grass installations that resist burning and melting and increase protection from fire.
link to architect continuing education course

The History and Impact of Synthetic Turf

Earns (1) ONE CEU CREDIT in the HSW category. (Health, Safety, and Wellness).

This course was designed to teach a history of synthetic turf and its versatility in numerous landscaping applications and designs. Participants will become knowledgeable about synthetic grass and its innovative uses for their residential and commercial projects. Technological advances in the industry and the positive role turf plays in today’s current environmental climate are also included.

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This course is FREE and eligible for AIA CEU credit (See course details for specific credit eligibility). Automatic credit reporting is available to AIA members. Ensure your AIA member number and earned credits have been added to your profile at The Continuing Architect will report earned credits to the AIA on your behalf. To receive credit, you are required to watch the following video (length = approx. 48 minutes), then download and read the supplemental PDF document. At the conclusion of the course, you must take a short 10-question quiz and pass with a score of 80% or higher. You may take this quiz as often as necessary to pass.

link to architect continuing education course

Sustainable Synthetic Turf Surfaces for Leading Edge Design

Earns (1) ONE CEU CREDIT from the STC CTI-L program

Join SYNLawn’s Director of Commercial Sales for this educational webinar. In this episode we will cover the sustainable nature of turf itself as well as the systems and advantages provided. We will cover turf manufacturing, design, and use of artificial grass as well as the impact of synthetic turf environments. This course is great if you’re an Architect, Specifier, ASLA, and NRPA members looking for more information about how to use sustainable synthetic grass into your next project.

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