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Tom Watson endorses SYNLawn Golf

Dalton, GA

August 13, 2015

Dalton, GA — SYNLawn is pleased to announce that it has signed an endorsement agreement with Tom Watson, five-time British Open Champion, and two-time Masters winner.

Watson is known for his strong work and practice ethic and has admitted to hitting a “million practice balls” in order to continue honing his game. He’s considered one of the best foul-weather players in the game, giving credit to his growing up in Kansas City, playing and practicing in the winter ice and snow.

It was this work ethic that drew Watson to SYNLawn. “I did a lot of research and selected SYNLawn for a variety of reasons. The old green, which was (natural) grass, could be slow in the winter and faster in the summer. Artificial turf maintains its speed and consistency,” said Watson. “Some of my concerns were; would it stop a ball when I hit balls into it from 100 yards out? With SYNLawn, the ball comes out just the way I want it to — just like a real green. Also, I save on water, fertilizer, labor time, and it is actually a ‘green’ product because it has a soy-based backing and is recyclable.”

Watson bought a 3,500 square foot putting green for his home just outside Kansas City, and it was professionally installed to Watson’s design standards by SYNLawn’s local GreensMaster™ Certified distributor, Summit Flooring & Turf. After seeing SYNLawn perform in his own backyard, Watson could not resist endorsing the product.

Watson’s custom practice green was specially designed using SYNLawn’s Patented Dave Pelz ShotStopper™ System. This proprietary system includes an underlayment layer that goes beneath the putting green surface allowing balls hit from in excess of 75 yards to land realistically and perform like real turf. This is an advantage to both professional and amateur golfers who want a realistic backyard practice experience that will improve their game. SYNLawn Golf products are warrantied for up to lifetimes with little to no maintenance required.

image of Tom Watson
image of Tom Watson
image of Tom Watson
image of Tom Watson

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