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SYNLawn research at Butler University

Butler University students research SYNLawn artificial grass

Indianapolis, IN

January 21, 2011

Indianapolis, IN — Thirty Butler University students split into six teams spent the last semester studying the SYNLawn business model, while developing and proposing new marketing plans for introduction into the local Indiana market. Coordinated by Butler Adjunct Faculty Professor Lorraine Phillips Vavul; Phillips challenged her students to answer the proposition "How would you introduce SYNLawn to the Indiana market?" The viewpoints and ideas cultivated by the students provided invaluable insight into SYNLawn’s artificial grass products from a young person’s point-of-view, as well as perspective on how they believe SYNLawn could connect to local residents within the region.

"This is a great opportunity for our students to make an impact on a real business, and to understand how an operating business introduces a new product to the market," says Vavul who also advises SYNScapes of Indiana on marketing and community outreach strategies. "The students’ fresh perspectives and insightful ideas showed us a few approaches that we hadn’t thought of and crystallized several avenues for exposure that we had been contemplating. I am delighted to engage the fresh perspectives and insightful suggestions of my capable class to work with me in answering this question. It was clear, that these young adults ‘got’ the SYNLawn advantage!"

SYNLawn would like to thank Mrs. Vavul and her marketing students at Butler University for their hard work and innovative suggestions. The classes’ refreshing observations and comprehensive understanding of SYNLawn’s synthetic turf grass, product applications and marketing initiatives rival, if not exceed, that of many well-established marketing firms. To them we say "Well done, and GO BULLDOGS!"

PHOTO: Butler University students from Team 6 (from Left to Right): Lauren Indiano, Melissa Curry, Tara Doerzbacher and Trevor Roach (not pictured is Lexi Tanton).

Butler University students research SYNLawn artificial grass

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