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2022 California Water Restriction and Artificial Grass Rebate Information

State of California

June 29, 2022

Beginning in June, nearly 6 million California residents are faced with new water restrictions amid the state’s worst drought in recorded history. State officials continue to implement water conservation efforts, including Southern California residents being asked to cut water usage by 20%-30% and limiting outdoor water usage to one or two days a week for residents. Now in its 3rd year of severe drought conditions, Governor Gavin Newsom warns if water conservation fails to improve, mandatory restrictions may be put in place as early as September.

During this uncertain time, artificial turf as a viable replacement for natural grass in drought-tolerant landscapes carries substantial rebate incentives in participating water districts. The average Californian uses approximately 83 gallons of water daily with 60-70% allocated to outdoor water usage. When factoring in the lack of need to water a synthetic grass lawn or landscape, the water savings becomes a significant contributor to the conservation of resources.

We strongly encourage homeowners and businesses to check with their local authorities for the latest water rebate and conservation information. Below are helpful links to Water District Authority programs throughout California currently participating in turf removal and replacement rebate programs. Please note, water rebate programs are subject to change at any time.


California Lawn and Water Rebates for Southern California 2022


California Lawn and Water Rebates for Central California 2022


California Lawn and Water Rebates for Northern California 2022




For more information about turf replacement and water rebate information, contact your local SYNLawn dealer.

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